A Day in the Life…

day in the life2nd April 2012

Apprentice blogger,  Breon Finch shares his experiences as an apprentice in the office of MP Andrea Leadsom.

A decisive time is underway in Parliament and the Office is busier than ever. The Economy has never mattered more to the individual and many people wish to protect what assets they have and are keen not to see their expenditures rising any more. The main concerns being raised are Fuel, Welfare, Health and Social Care, Environment and Beer Duty. In and amongst that mix we have a lot of Small and Medium Business owners contacting Andrea to share their issues, predictions and problems.

Another major topic is same-sex marriage. A difficult situation as there is a good argument on either side. Andrea is a Christian and she has made the decision that she needs to hear all the arguments for and against before making a final decision. A view I truly accept on many levels. It is a topic that will impact on a minority but affect generations to come and the views of society.

Mayoral elections are looming and as part of the campaign I joined Andrea and MP for Enfield, David Burrowes in campaigning for Boris Johnson. We were given a list of campaign points with facts and figures to memorise because it’s a hard job to talk to people off the cuff, however, really intriguing to experience the practical side of the job. Meeting people face-to-face to debate and discuss politics, in the open air, was a really interesting way for gathering opinions and much different to reading correspondence which I normally do in the office.

I attend Monday meetings in Westminster where the team get to provide feedback to the group about everything that has occurred and what they plan to do over the course of the week. This is instrumental for me to see Andrea and to discuss everything to do with casework and get updates from individual members in the team. We also use this time to think methodically and provide constructive feedback concerning situations that arise with casework because, as you may know, casework very much depends on the situation.

I am sure that these difficult decisions will spark electric debates and produce exciting politics that I will indeed be watching closely.


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